A Senseless Game

by Amayzlin Music

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When love gets in the way of your career... Or your career gets in the way of love...


© Amayzlin Music 2015

Senseless Game
(Music and Lyrics by Amayzlin)

1-st Verse:
It's funny how this life sometimes makes clowns out of us
We're ridiculed by it; we're just too blind to see it
It gives us feeling of success but throws us on thin glass
We're just too ignorant, unable to perceive it
I take on the day ahead; I defeat it I'm the winner
It feels like I have everything there's nothing I couldn't give her
And I run to feel her warmth, but I'm tripped by deafening silence
This agonizing emptiness reminds me that I live to

Play the game, a senseless game
It's hard enough to win, it's hard enough to win, unbearable to lose
Can't win it all, one has to choose
But what is then the point, life clowns us it makes it all the same

2-nd Verse:
It's weird how this world can turn completely inside out
My head is in a spin I'm rolling down the slope
I see her silhouette on walls though it is just my shadow
The steps outside the door they fade along with hope
And I know she won't walk in holding groceries for dinner
I'll never win her back ironically I was a winner
What was day turned into night drowned by alcohol and tears
My heart is torn apart, but what I do is I go on and

2nd Chorus:

Look at you now, son, you're weak in the knees
You're trying to drive a fancy car with no keys
I said it many times but you ain't listening to me
You need to let that bitch go, set her free
Now how're you gonna try and water a dead tree
That's like a blind man talking about what he sees
So you can put a gun to your head and take aim
Or you can keep your head up and stay up the game.

3rd Chorus:


released December 26, 2012
Music & Lyrics: Amayzlin (see the lyrics below)
Rap: Celebrity Table Tennis Pro Wally Green
Arranger/Producer: Artem Kanevskiy
Guitars: Sergey Dudin
Bass: Vova Kozak



all rights reserved


Amayzlin Music Staten Island, New York

Acoustic Rock, Musical Theater Singer-Songwriter with Russian roots and a knack for classical music

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